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I walked through the restaurant, trying to force the blush back into my body so no one could see it. The feeling of my breasts bouncing made me gulp, every boy I passed staring at them. My name is Tiffany Brown, a twenty two year old girl who still lives with her parents and works at Hooters. I am disgraced to have such a demoting job, but I was forced to get this job.

Forced is the keyword there. I live with my parents, as I said earlier, and once my mother noticed how I had unusually large natural breasts, she signed me up at the nearest place to show off my boobs. Hooters happened to be that place. I could still be happy that there wasn’t a strip club closer, because my mother wouldn’t have hesitated to sign me up there either.

I resisted the urge to adjust my orange short shorts due to them being so tight against my thighs. If there was anything that boys liked more than my breasts, it was my large ass, making my curves, from my thighs to my waist, sexy. The first day I came home from my job, my mother found that my uniform was too large, well, too large in her eyes, so she complained to the owner and got me insanely tight clothes that showed off my curves.

By this point in my life, I thought of my sexy body as a curse, but I couldn’t do anything about it. Slowly, I approached a table full of drunk guys and gulped. “Why did mom have to sign me up to be a Hooter waitress?” Despite what I was thinking, I plastered a fake smile on my face and stopped by the table. “Alright, refills for you fine gentlemen.” I set down the drinks and got the last one, holding it out to the man on the end so he could pass it to the other side, but he was too busy talking with my friend. So, I turned to the other man, but he didn’t take it. That made me result to reaching across the table to set the drink down.

“Hey boys, get a look at that sweet ass!” One of the men yelled as he reached out, grasping my ass. I yelped and accidentally dropped the beer along with the plate, backing away from the table. “She’s a jumper.”

I tripped over my foot and fell to the ground, looking up at all the men that were laughing. “Princess can’t stand on her own two feet because that giant ass is holding her down!” I took a shaky, deep breath and stood up, trying not to look angry. Once again I had to push the smile onto my lips again. The man who grasped my hind earlier held up his beer. “Bottoms up!”

My mind wandered to my purse and the vial inside, the fake smile then becoming a real smile, devilish in fact. “Bottoms up indeed boys.” I walked closer again and knew that what I was about to do would counteract my original thoughts, but if I was going to this man a lesson, I would have to push through the embarrassment.

I turned around and held my hind near the man’s face, feeling him take a hold of the cheeks again. “Now, if you will excuse me,” I said in the most seductive voice I could make, then turning and “accidentally” tipping over the man’s beer. “Oh dear, my bad sir, let me get you a new one.” I picked up the plate from the ground and placed the spilled glass on it, walking back to the bar and refilling the drink.

I was glad that no one was sitting at the bar right now, so I was able to reach down and grab my purse, then pulled out a vial full of blue liquid. “Bottoms up,” I said as I poured the blue liquid into the beer, watching the color change to blend in with the beer. I placed the full glass, along with some food for some other tables, on the plate and walked to the table with all the men.

“Here you go, sir, I’m sorry for spilling your glass earlier.” I set down the glass and walked off to deliver the food, a devilish smirk still on my face. I knew what was in store for the man and I couldn’t wait to see the outcome.

The man, whose name was Nathan, took a sip of the beer and smiled in delight. No one noticed how his lips were larger and covered in lipstick when he removed the glass. All Nathan did was lift a finger to his lips and run it along them, moaning happily. After a bit of feeling around, he took another sip, and this continued until the beer was gone.

Nathan leaned back, loving the tingling feeling surging through his body, but it wasn’t because of the alcohol, but because of the concoction I had poured in his drink. He ran his hands along his arms, feeling what was now stubble on his arms, then only smooth skin that smelled of aloe. This was the same for the rest of his body, his skin feeling more feminine and soft.

Soon, his hair started extending, all of the slick oil starting to drip off of the locks that were just starting to reach past his shoulders. Each drop of oil sizzled as it hit the leather of the booth, evaporating into nothing. Soon, little oil that couldn’t even be felt was in his mid-back length hair. The roots of his hair were starting to look like they were glowing, but in fact, it was becoming a bright blonde. The color started stretching down lower and lower until it reached the tips, finally having the locks stylize themselves into wonderful waves.

Nathan ran his thinning and lengthening fingers through his new hair, smiling faintly. His fingers started tiptoeing down his face and to his eyes, feeling them getting larger, accompanied by a thicker set of eyelashes and thinner set of brows. He cupped the edges of his jaws, slowly running his hands down to his chin and enjoying the smooth, rounded edges.

The young man started looking at the other boys differently, smirking faintly at them. He reached slowly down his thin waist and felt around his wide waist. Soon, he couldn’t help but grasp his growing ass, feeling fat filling it into a sexy heart shape. Finally, his crotch flattened out into a feminine form to fit his, now her, sexy curves.

Before her clothes started changing to adjust to her new body, her chest started to go numb. This was due to the fat that was quickly filling into her breasts. They started to drag downwards as the fat was inserted. Finally, she was left with proper boobs.

Just as the final spurt of fat was put into place, her shirt became tighter and shorter on her, showing off some of cleavage. It became white, instead of black, with the Hooters logo on the front. Her jeans shortened severely and tightened too. They became a bright orange and rode up her sexy, smooth legs, also starting sink into her crack, showing off her huge hind. Luckily, her boxers had shortened into panties, so they couldn’t peek out from the bottom of the short shorts. Finally, her socks vanished and her heels were raised off the ground by a pair of high-heeled white boots.

The young lady, now going by the name of Nia, ran her fingers over her soft stomach. She wrapped one of her thinned arms around the boy sitting next to her, then swinging one leg around him so she was on his lap, facing him. The boy froze and looked at her, but he soon snapped out of it and wrapped his arms around her, grasping the cheeks that might as well have been nude.

I was watching from the bar as I served a couple men that came in. “You’re quite a beautiful lady,” one of the men paused to look at my nametag, “Tiffany. Not because of your assets, even though those are nice too, but you are so beautiful in every feature.”

I looked at the man, a bit confused at first, but then I smiled. “Thank you, sir, most people just like me because of my assets. It’s nice to hear someone say that I’m beautiful for more than just my breasts and hind for once. I guess you are always going to have those people though.” I turned to Nia. “Nia, get back to work! You can flirt with your customers on your own time!”

Nia rolled her eyes and gave the boy a long smooch before getting up and walking up to the bar. “Calm down, Tiff,” she said, grabbing a plate of food. “I’m a Hooters girl, I was born to flirt.” She giggled and I couldn’t help but giggle too.
Tiffany, a sexy Hooters girl, has had enough of being hit on. Finally, she shows one man what it is like being a Hooters girl.
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Silverbane4 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2016
loved the story, wish the transformation was a bit more descriptive though
SweetCaroline751 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
 The guy got what was comeing for him!
dream-caster16 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
Ugh, if only I could do this to the guys who try to touch me! I need some of that liquid. Great story!
Theik2 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
Funny story.
DreamLycan Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Grungepunk Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
Awesome story, I really enjoyed reading it. Not enough Hooters girls transformations out there.
DreamLycan Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
XD I was originally thinking another strip club but then I decided to try something new. So it was either Hooters or Twin Peaks at that point. I figured more people know what Hooters is.
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