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I groaned, rubbing my head and looking at the ceiling, trying to imagine what my family had planned for today. Slowly, I turned my head and looked at little Jessica, the girl I was babysitting. Her parents had entrusted me in watching her, and they put enough trust in me to watch her while we were on vacation. They were going on their honeymoon, so they definitely couldn’t take their little daughter. I shook Jessica awake and she yawned, looking to me. “Get up, sleepy head, its morning. My parents are bringing up breakfast for us, but you don’t get any if you aren’t dressed by the time they get up.” Jessica’s eyes lit with fear and she jumped out of bed, starting to get dressed.

Just as she slipped on her shirt, my parents came back into the room holding two trays packed with omelets, bacon, sausage, and so many other breakfast foods. They set the trays on their bed and handed out silverware. “Eat up everyone, we’ve got a big day ahead of us.”

I smiled and looked down at the food, swearing I had just seen a blue glow form on all of it, but it soon vanished. I raised a brow and looked up to my parents, wondering what I had just seen. My father looked to me and spoke, “What are you waiting for, Alex? It’s not like its poisoned,” he chuckled. My eyes shifted back to the food where my mother and Jessica were already eating, my father soon to take a plate for himself and chowing down. With a shrug, I took the last plate and popped some eggs into my mouth.

A tingle was sent through my body as I swallowed and I shivered. I thought maybe the taste didn’t suit me that well, so I tried the bacon, but the same effect occurred. My body began to ache and I looked around, everything seemingly blurry. I gasped as I saw Jessica passed out on the floor. By then, my arm was doing all the work and now forcing food into my mouth. I tried forcing it back, but I couldn’t do it. Another thump came and my mother had fallen face first onto the bed, and soon, my father did the same.  My vision became worse and worse, everything beginning to darken. Eventually, all I saw was black and I was unconscious, falling down next to Jessica.

All of our bodies went through changes as we were blacked out, first starting with Jessica. Her body had almost instantly grew to seven feet tall, taller than me. Her body started to become rough and hairy as her muscles started to strengthen. Soon, her body had become rigid and stronger. Her feet and hands became larger, her nails starting to retreat until there was barely anything that wasn’t touching her skin. The clothes she was wearing were changed into a striped shirt and jeans.

Eventually, her crotch formed a bump that became longer and soon was accompanied by two friends. Finally, her, now his, panties shifted into boxers, pulling tighter and snugger around his crotch. His face began to change and became more rigid. His eyes dimmed from blue to brown, accompanied by shorter eyelashes and thicker, darker eyebrows. Finally, his hair became duller while also turning a dark shade of brown. Soon enough, his hair was shorter and his ears actually showed.

Fat from his body started to shift to his abdomen, starting to expand until he had a larger gut. In this event, his muscles that had formed on his body became slightly weaker. To finish off everything, he began to look older until he hit the age of forty five. The once Jessica, now James, lay next to me, breathing heavily.

I began to wake up earlier than the rest and I looked over, first thinking that the man lying beside me was my father. But I soon realized that face looked like Jessica’s. I gasped in shock and tried to move, but I was being held down by some force. As I struggled, my body began to tingle and pain. I screamed, trying to get someone to wake up, but none of them did. Soon, enough I heard crying and just barely, I could see tiny feet kicking in the air. A baby was in our room. Just in time, I regained feeling in one arm and the baby fell. I caught the baby boy in my arms and for some reason, I knew who it was. It was my mother, and the only way I could confirm this was because her eyes were unmistakable.

My body began to tingle more and I shifted my eyes down to find my hips expanding and my buttocks bloating into a sexy heart shape. My body grew, but only slightly. What little muscle I had dissolved and was replaced by squishy fat under my arms and thighs. My body hair began falling out and slithering their way up to my hair, connecting piece by piece until my hair reached my shoulders. I almost threw up at the thought, but was able to hold my breakfast in. My hair became a bright blonde and curled. To complete my head, my lips puffed and my eyes grew larger and more vibrant. The blue in my eyes now looked beautiful and complimented my complexion. To finish it off, my nose flattened, my skull smoothened after a lot of pain, and my eyebrows thinned.

My crotch began to quiver, my member slithering its way back into my body, my testes also curling up inside to start making my new feminine organs. I felt a tear stream down my cheek, now realizing I was a female. An even larger pain arose when chest began to swell larger. I screamed, the feminine voice coming out seeming as if it didn’t faze me. My breasts grew huge until they were ginormous D-cups, breast milk swishing around inside.

Once again, before I could utter a word, I passed out, a ring finally wrapping around my finger.

When I woke up, everything was silent except for the baby who was softly sniffling in my arms. I rose to my feet, feeling my new undergarments and clothes around me. Gently, I rocked the baby, still not knowing why my mother, Jessica, or I was like this. But I just did my best to keep the baby, who I didn’t know how to address, calm. “If this happened to the three of us, something must have happened to dad.” I looked around, sneaking a peak at my forty year old motherly body in the mirror. Finally, I found what once my dad was laying on the floor. He, or she shall I say, had turned into a young eighteen year old sexy teenage girl. Her breasts were just smaller than mine, but they were still large, which seemed odd since she was a teenager. Her body was curvy and could make most boys drool over her. In fact, if I wasn’t thinking like a woman who was twenty two years older than her, and I was still male, I would have thought she was the sexiest girl I had ever seen.

I jumped back when she opened an eye and groaned. She looked to me and rubbed her head. “Mom, why was I on the floor?”

‘Mom?’ I thought. ‘Since when was I a mother?’ I looked down to the baby, who I now knew as Lance, and then I looked to my daughter, Sydney. “This can’t be happening!”

I heard stirring from the other side of the bed, and James stood up, looking to me. A surprised look crossed over his face and he began to feel himself. I was glad at least he hadn’t lost his mind yet. “Why am I like this!? And who are you!?”

“Jessica, or James, calm down, it’s just me, Alex.” I knew that my name was no longer Alexander, but Alexandra instead, but I still went by Alex. “I don’t know how this happened, but my mother became a… my… child, and so did my father.”

“Your child? Lance and Sydney are just as much my child as they are yours, so at least say our child.” He covered his mouth at what he had just said. But as his hands were over his mouth, the glimmer from the ring caught his eyes. “What is this?”

I looked down at my hand to, a thought rushing over me. Slowly, I walked over to James and held my ring next to his. “This isn’t real, it is just a dream. It is just a dream!”

Sydney finally shook her head and stood up, looking at us in confusion. “Mom, dad, you are acting like lunatics. Have you forgotten everything? Your marriage? Your two children? And mom, it has been too long since Lance has been breastfed. Don’t make me do all of the work in this family.” She lay down on the bed and pulled a book from her bag, beginning to read.

I almost cried when I realized that I was the mother of this new family. Slowly, I looked to James with glimmering eyes, crawling under his arm. “James, I know that this is weird, but we have to make this work. I don’t like this any more than you do, but I know nothing about this, and neither do you, but I need your help.”

James sighed and nodded, understanding that he had a responsibility too, so he sat on the bed with me and helped me get my shirt off. I remembered that I had forgotten to bring a nursing bra, so I just had to take my whole bra off. Slowly, I lifted Lance to my larger nipple and watched him clamp on. A new sensation that I have never felt before rushed over me as I felt little by little, my breast milk being sucked. James held his arm around me, comforting me as I did this. “James?” I asked.

“Yes, Alex?”

“Have I ever told you how much I love you and our children?”

“Only a hundred times, my love.”

I came out of the bathroom in my black one piece and sandals. By then, the fat I had gained from my past pregnancies was obvious when my bathing suit pushed on my body. I kissed James’s lips as he got finished dressing in his bathing suit as well, slipping a shirt on. When I looked to Sydney I glared at her. “Sydney, get dressed now. Don’t you want to head down to the beach?”

“I’ve got to finish this book. Besides, beaches are boring.” She grabbed a bottle of coca cola and began to drink it.

I smirked and sat down. “Suit yourself. I guess you don’t want to see all of the hot boys flaunting their tough muscles.”

Immediately, Sydney did a spit take and looked to me. “Hot boys with muscles?” She jumped out of bed and quickly ran to the bathroom with her bikini, which I wish she didn’t own.

Down on the beach, sat in the water, keeping little Lance in between my legs as he crawled around the thin water. James lay back on the sand trying to get a tan. Finally, Sydney was showing off her body to all the boys. I saw her kissing one boy in the water and I rolled my eyes. This was my wonderful family.
I'm not really in the mood for a description.

SO! I will just say thanks to :icondancingspartan: for this request.
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